Hetalia Questions and Answers (FINISHED)

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Please people, I only want ONE QUESTION PER PERSON AT A TIME! Please!
    Let me explain something:
    GOOD: Dear 888- Question question question? love 9.
    BAD- Dear 5- Question Dear 6- Question Dear 7- Question love 4.
    Get it?
     If you comment a million times, dude, don't. Don't be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. Everyone points at that guy and goes: "Dude, that's the guy." "Yea, let's throw rocks at him." Do you want to be hit by rocks? I didn't think so. And no cussing! Gawrsh, I have to manually copy these questions down, and I DO NOT CURSE, you crazy firecrackers!! I WILL NOT do your comment if you cuss in it. Sheesh, you don't know how many times I've gone through those comments! Rawr!
    And, please, when it says PLEASE HOLD REQUESTS FOR NOW, it means don't ask questions until the sign is taken down.
Dear Iceland, First I just want to say I have NOOOOO idea why no one will visit you! I mean, I will! Anyway, the question is: What do you think Is the best part about being one of the Nordic 5? -Vienna, Austria's Capital
Dear Austria, How come you had wanted a divorce with Hungary-- Yet, You still let her live in your house?
                                    From, Kagami
Dear, Iceland (can canada or prussia read this)
                                    What is your puffins name???
so ho doo you like italy ro romano pls anwer,and america or canada,england or france,germany or prussia pick one of them ow i almost forgot last one is poland or lithiania thats all
Dear America,
                                       Ok, do you have some secret weight-loss program? I mean, you eat a heck of a lot of hamburgers, and I just kind of thought about that. Do you even excercise? 
I just kinda wanna fangirl, because I'm so happy I found this. I <3 HETALIA!!!!! Especially Japan and Italy.