Just Friends?

Just Friends?

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Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby have been friends ever since they were ten, now they are seventeen, and seniors in high school. Dewey always had a close relationship with Webby, you may even call them best friends, but as time goes on, his feelings for Webby become even stronger. He tries to hide it from himself, but it's literally impossible. Suddenly, a self absorbed fowl transfers to Duckburg High, whom the Duck Brothers and Webby thought he was still was the same since they were kids, but he starts acting genuine around them, especially Webby. Soon enough, Dewey and Webby realize they may need each other more than they think. Love will be put to the test, could one lose a friend they had, or be betrayed by the one they thought they loved? Read to find out!

Cover art by me

I don't own Ducktales, Ducktales is owned by DisneyXD (Takes place before Season 2)

All original characters belong to me

"Yon can cry a river of tears, but we hope you realize, we were only just trying to help..."