My Best Friend's Brother [Discontinued]

My Best Friend's Brother [Discontinued]

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Angelica Musiqi ♫ By AngelicaMusiqi Updated Mar 15, 2015

Permanently discontinued:
I'm sorry to everyone who was hoping for a new chapter. It has been more than two and a half years since I last uploaded and unfortunately I can't find any inspiration to continue this story. Personally I don't like the story. I don't like the plot and I don't like the way I've written it. I will keep the story up because there are still people reading the story, but I won't finish it.
Thank you for all your support, and again - I'm sorry!

Seventeen year old Joshua White is crushing hard his best friend's brother, Michael Lopez - a twenty-one year old, super hot, Latino heartthrob. There are just a few problems: one, as far as anyone knows, Michael isn't gay; two, on the off-change he is, he's way out of Josh's league; and last but not least, if Melody (Josh's best friend) ever found out, she would go ballistic.

But things start to happen between Josh and Michael, perhaps as a result of a little too much alcohol. These things leave Josh confused and conflicted, because A; he doesn't know where he stands with Michael, and B; it has a great impact on his friendship with Melody, because she doesn't approve - at all.

Will he be able to ignore his feelings for Michael and stay loyal to his best friend? Or will his friendship with Melody faulter as he falls more and more in love with her brother?

(I'm really not good with these things, there's a lot of drama and shiz so just read and you'll find out)

WARNING! This story contains gay love and romance, if you are going to be offended, please do not read!

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MrsHutchStories MrsHutchStories May 27, 2017
'Doesn't mean I'm gonna wear a füçking dress or something' 'You do have really nice legs tho'
Danlester313 Danlester313 May 16, 2017
All the information she needs is on Wattpad I'll make her a account
jishthefish jishthefish Mar 09, 2015
I personally see Michael as Rafael Santana,  bit that DOES NOT take away from the story. THIS IS GREAT
Calcul8er Calcul8er Feb 02, 2015
I have the same problem with my friends. Sometimes being a closeted 14 year old can be a pain in the butt
NTS_JustBreathe NTS_JustBreathe Jan 23, 2015
I'm sorry, but this bothers me slightly. I think you meant stage three cancer. Cancer severity isn't expressed in degrees.
Goofy_Bug Goofy_Bug Nov 25, 2014
You guys should go read my book that I just started its called You Can't Love Me That Way. its also boyxboy