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cuppa_harry By cuppa_harry Updated Nov 28, 2016

de • sir • ous : wanting or wishing for something very much; feeling desire for something.

☾This is my first book, so the first 10-13 chapters are very poorly written!☽

rottenmonkeyguts rottenmonkeyguts Mar 22, 2016
Tbh I would've been like bitçh I own this place now this all mine I'm American so what?! I own all up in this bitçh, you wanna come at me right now, let's catch our round.
BananananaBecca BananananaBecca Apr 27, 2016
The sarcasm is strong with this one... I was JK and fvcking love Jensen Ackles.
BananananaBecca BananananaBecca Apr 27, 2016
I beg to differ. 
                              Iove your cast btw. But Jensen Ackles? Ew. Chair was definitely a great choice though!!
uglyreligion uglyreligion Dec 27, 2015
what did you mean on your author's note in the beginning? this is amazing as fûck, it's not boring at all for the first chapter.
Di_dreamer Di_dreamer Dec 20, 2015
"Buon pomeriggio, studenti" ;) I am italian you don't have to put "gli" sweetheart :*
baberhood baberhood Nov 22, 2015
That's actually me... But then with my whole fûcking life...