Together Again? (Jacob Perez FanFiction)

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Kiearra By Kekesi94 Completed
Ciearra and Jacob knew each other for basically their entire lives until the end of Freshmen year of high school; that's when everything changed. Ciearra and her family had to move leaving Ciearra at the young age of 14 dang near heart broken, because she had to leave behind Jacob the boy she loved, so young but so wise you would say when came to the two. 
    Ten years later, tragedies occur when Jacob is in a plane crashed at the hospital Ciearra is starting her residency as a nurse at.  Will Jacob have a recovery or will Ciearra only have old memories to rekindle on? Will they even have the chance to be Together Again? Or will someone take Jacob's place even if Jacob does make it through his storm?
This is good @kekesi94
This is good @kekesi94