The Extraordinary Emotion Between You And Me ⚣ ✎

The Extraordinary Emotion Between You And Me ⚣ ✎

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its_just_a_lovestory By its_just_a_lovestory Updated Oct 27, 2018


(Note: Each book in the series features a different couple and can be read as a standalone.)


❝You give me the kind of feelings people write novels about. ❞


Ryker Lachlan, charming, sweet, sexy, and oblivious; he's the out and proud gay member of the infamous trio of bad boys of Riverton High. 

He may not be super-smart like his two best friends, but he's intuitive enough to understand certain things; things which his emotionally-deprived friends usually fail to comprehend. He has always been sure of two such things in his life:

1. He's definitely not into girls. (Yeah, He can admit it to himself, unlike his stubborn, "straight" best friends)

2. He had arrived at that conclusion partly because of his undying crush on a certain extremely smart, cute, and gorgeous football player, Axel Cordovan. 

When external circumstances suddenly bring Ryker in close contact with his longtime crush every day, he only has two options; to act like a tongue-tied idiot around him, or to seize the opportunity and make the guy realize that one's sexuality isn't as rigid as people think, after all.

But what he doesn't anticipate, is the sudden mess he gets himself into when his feelings are outed without his permission. Now, he has to deal with an on-the-rocks friendship with a hopefully not-straight jock, and the unexpectedly scrambled-up bond with his life-long best friend.

Will Ryker wade through the tumultuous seas of his heart and recognize the one he holds extraordinary emotions for? 

Or will his hesitation end in him being too late and losing the one he belongs with? 


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