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Taya's life was forever changed by one kiss, and it wasn't even a real kiss. 

Taya Williams had been living her life cautiously and drama-free, until one day she found herself as the female lead for the school's theater production. She soon realized that she had to share a kissing scene with the mysterious new guy, Judah Hudson.

What happened when Judah offered her the deal of a lifetime? Taya soon found herself in the world of skipping classes, practice kisses, and jealous lovers. 

I mean, is there ever such a thing as a meaningless kiss?



"Alright, if that's how you wanna play it," he said lowly. "Game on,"

I looked up to see his dark amber eyes boring into mine, a predatory glint in his eyes. My knees felt weak and I gulped instinctively as he leaned closer to me.

"Tell your heart I'm gonna steal it," he murmured to my ears. 

Then his lips hovered over mine, just barely touching it. 

"And don't say you've never been warned."



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HollowedFeels HollowedFeels Dec 27, 2018
I miss him already and its been like five mins since I finished the last story!
HollowedFeels HollowedFeels Dec 27, 2018
I love when moms are so momish in books....if that makes sense lol
😂 i wanna ss this and post it on my sc but ppl wont get the reference bc they don’t read this book but my god this is funny 😄
HollowedFeels HollowedFeels Dec 27, 2018
Just hopped on over from barely and I'm REALLY excited!!!!!!
Kkk646 Kkk646 6 days ago
They're so cute together 😍😍😍 (not know a romantic way)
whenismay whenismay 4 days ago
osisjsjs that BOOK. i read it a billion years ago and i just realized i never added it to my “stories i love” reading list 😓 just did