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My P.O.V {the Story Of a mute Girl}

My P.O.V {the Story Of a mute Girl}

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Kiersten<3 By xXKrisLynnXx Updated Apr 13, 2011

Welcome to the life of Emma Johnsen, the 16 almost 17 year old mute. After her parents died, she moved in with her grandparents and became mute. But mute isn't just a choice for Emma, its a lifestyle. though she wishes she could speak, its harder than it seems.  she goes through the halls, oblivious to it all except the constant teasing and harassment. How does Emma escape this horrible world? with her writing. Join Emma as she tells her story on paper and leads you through the halls of Carmen highschool as your guide.
       Will Emma ever Speak? will she ever find Love? or will she live her life, stuck in the shadow of remorse caused by her parents death.

Daneil_Moss Daneil_Moss Mar 10, 2011
Wow! You are an amazing writer.  The way you write is so much different than anything else I've ever read. You are amazing. God! I love the way you write!
Callmepanda Callmepanda Mar 09, 2011
So far I'm really liking the story(: can't wait for more
                              And I have to agree with you on that"/
                              Its happen to my cousin, 4he's avout 13 y.o
                              Her so called friends kept calling her fat as a joke... 
                              She wouldn't eat for a week"/ but she's doing better now...
                              But yeah, can't wait for more(:
samanthajo22 samanthajo22 Mar 09, 2011
this is amazing, and true. i love how this happens everyday and that you are getting the message out there. update soon! :)
Daneil_Moss Daneil_Moss Mar 09, 2011
Good job. I think that you have done a really good job so far. I know what it's like to be bullied. I'm a bit of a loner- because I'd rather be on my own- and I get  made fun of a lot. Its not so bad though, because there aren't many people to make fun of me, being as I'm in a school of 150 people. 
KileyC KileyC Mar 09, 2011
I like the story Kierst!:) and who is this bullying my fav cousin!? Do I have to punch someone in the face? Cause I will, ya know :) Love ya,