The Aspen Experiments

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Corrie Garrett By CorrieGarrett Completed
When seventeen year old Dara is accepted into an elite boarding school, her first weeks are ruined by a strange illness… Throwing up in front of your crush? More than once? Emphatically not fun. As Dara gets to know her school and the school’s creepy doctor, she begins to realize that she wasn’t recruited for her grades, and her illness isn’t innocent.
    John is only pretending to be a student, and he knows exactly why Dara is sick, but he can’t risk telling her. When someone is playing with time, altering anything can be disastrous, and John has a very specific mission. But when Dara’s life is at risk, they both must learn to navigate the intricacies of time…before they destroy the school or lose each other for good.
Good story so far(I am past chapter one). I think the parts about tasting shapes and whatnot are a little weird. Kind of makes me feel like the character has synesthesia.
Lost my post  so I will start again. So far so good. It has certainly caught my interest so I will be keen to continue reading and see where it will take me
Great book so far, just as good as your other ones. We'll done
Haha, what an impression to make. 
                                    Hmm... I wonder what caused her to suddenly get sick like that. Awful timing :P
An interesting story. Similar to what my son went through the first day in Secondary School. His was not so serious as he was able to reach his dormitory before it happen.
loved the first chapter i guess i won't be able to stop reading it all <3