The Devils Play Mate (BWWM)

The Devils Play Mate (BWWM)

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Ryalty By RyaltyBanks Updated May 20, 2019

( hey everyone I want to make an announcement I'm editing my book and it's actually going to be kinda different because I didn't like the way my book was going so I'm changing it so when your reading some parts may be off because I'm still editing and I hope you guys love this new edit I'm doing.)

Meet Blake she is the assistant to the one and only Jordan Taylor yeah that's right the deadliest Italian mafia leader there is. Blake doesn't even know what Jordan does for a living only that he is extremely rude and a world-class ass whole who is her boss. Jordan's day job is 

Kings & Taylor's industries were his assistant Blake takes and does all the work while all Jordan does is scream at her all day. One day Jordan was in the middle of a business meeting ( Beating and interrogating a guy) in his office were Blake comes in and see the sadistic man Jordan really is. 

While Blake thinks he is going to kill her she is wrong Jordan already had his eye on Blake and is ready to see the crazy side of Blake that he knows he could bring out.

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