The Violet Hour

The Violet Hour

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Koko Luscious By jellogirl Updated Aug 22, 2011

"She's the girl..from my dreams..yet i am an 'in-between'.." I said to myself. I cant be with just cant be but It was her, why do i dream about her?... Am i.. in love?......YES, a million times yes. I love her. I, Ezra Kyrani am in love with the most beautiful creature in the entire universe. She is what is keeping me alive..she is my all. I promise i will protect you.

Ezra is a hybrid of a vampire and werewolf. Since he was 8, hes dreamt of Starlette Russe everynight in some way. They have a connection BUT, they don't know why.. Their past lives together seem too distant.

In the world of Monsters there is a war between Vamps and Weres'. The Violet Hour, the only time that will save the two, could just be the worst thing to possibly happen to them. Starlette is not what she thinks she is, human, but something other. Can Starlette love anyone else, 
when her heart is so empty? Maybe..Maybe not.

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