Holding on (Vampire Diaries~Enzo)

Holding on (Vampire Diaries~Enzo)

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Maaike By Maaikemouse55 Completed

It's been years since Ruby has cared for someone. Anyone.
But one event changes everything. 
She has been captured by The Augustine Society as a lab rat, just to be tortured everyday. But in the cell she finds something she had lost hope of finding.
A family. Love. 

Enzo and Ruby are both marked with pain, living their life by a promise they both know they can't possibly keep. What they don't know is that their secrets and their promises will bring them closer and maybe even bring them happiness. 

Enzo and Damon become Ruby's family, the people who keep her from going crazy, from turning her humanity off. 
They need to find their way out of there, but as Ruby feared it is not as easy as it might sound.

I don't own the Vampire Diaries, those rights belong to L.J Smith and the CW. The beginning of the story is set in 1950 just before Damon becomes an Augustine Vampire. I might change some things in the story so it will be more fitting. 

Story and my own characters (c) MaaikeMouse55
Cover is made by TheNinjaUnicorn!! 


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nicisky2005 nicisky2005 Dec 26, 2017
I love this song so daaammmmmnnnn much... I'm already pumped!!!❤
waitimstressedout waitimstressedout Jul 17, 2017
Some of the grammar in this in cringey but I voted for you anyway cuz I wanna support Enzo fanfiction.
HeatherLovesToRead1 HeatherLovesToRead1 Nov 15, 2017
I literly was listening to this song it was on the part of where they sang these exact lyrics as soon as i open this and start reading WTH!
ReadLoveEnjoy ReadLoveEnjoy Aug 10, 2015
OMG! I like to listen to music as I read on Pandora. It was playing this song when I opened the book. That's so cool!
teenageguitarist teenageguitarist Feb 20, 2015
Is it weird that i started singing it out loud on midnight? My dad walked in and was like: STOP SINGING!! 
DownTheRabbitHole131 DownTheRabbitHole131 Nov 22, 2014
yay! finally an enzo fanfic!! and I have the same name as her!!!!