My Alpha Mate Rejected me (Old Version)

My Alpha Mate Rejected me (Old Version)

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Rachel 💋 By kiddoforeverrrr Completed

Belle Daphne was a young sweet girl who wanted love from everyone. 

Unfortunately, the moon goddess have plan other things for her. 

At a young age, she was rejected by her mate who used to be her best friend. 

But he rejected her for her adopted Sister because her Sister was his first love. 

Which makes her sad, angry and hopeless as all she wanted when she was young, was to find someone who loves her for who she is. 

But however, that didn't just affected her. Nightmares that she get at night was unbearable to her. She find herself losing into the darkness...

Will she open up to someone from her past?

Will she forgive her mate? 

Will she ever feel love?

Will someone else love her and treasure her?

Read this book to find out more! It will be a worth of time to read this book.

The New Version of My Alpha Mate Rejected me is out now!!!

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