Judge's Vanquish

Judge's Vanquish

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Vanessa Trent is a Fallow - a woman past the age of 21 who is unwed and with no children. Where many see it as a curse, Vanessa sees it as freedom. She employs this freedom to make a decision that will forever change her life. In order to support her father and siblings that are drowning in debt, she sells herself as a dancer to the court of Ryne. It is there that she meets the reserved Judge Troy Collins, and a forbidden passion spurs between the two. He challenges everything that she ever was, and everything she wants to be. 

Won BEST PLOT in the Rune Awards
🥈 2nd Place - WinterRoseSociety

Society ended in 1976, and a few centuries later society edges back to the technological edge that it died on. The new colonies of the United States heavily resemble the late 1800s, although the dynamics that hold it together are vastly different. 

In the new society of the Farrow Freehold, a Judge is a person who holds the power that many envy, and countless more respect. It is a name given to rulers who focus on justice, although shown in history, we know that that's not always the case.

Vanessa Trent understands this all too well. In fact, it is what pushes her to make the most important decision of her life. She is selling her talent to the lavish, wealthy court of Ryne.

In a forbidden dance of romance that blossoms when she arrives, she struggles with her identity, her desires, and her morale. Judge Troy Collins will not leave her mind, nor her heart, as the verboten passion only seems to strengthen. As their intensity grows, so does the pressure that keeps them apart.

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Grinning_Sunflower Grinning_Sunflower Nov 26, 2018
Okay, good to know! Based off the summary, I think I’m gonna enjoy this anyway, whether there’s some first draft mistakes or not.
GSFreed GSFreed 5 days ago
Interesting that she's more angry at the thought of dying than sad or scared
ShinomiyaDR ShinomiyaDR Dec 13, 2018
-_- I don't trust this man to keep his word. Odds are, someone will die tomorrow.
JrAaron JrAaron Jan 12
Love my books... Sad that life was actually lived like this...
ShinomiyaDR ShinomiyaDR Dec 13, 2018
 #AvidReader I liked this. Vanessa is a strong woman. I don't agree with but understand her decision. I wouldn't want to be her father in that moment. The air was clear. This reminds me of things I like, like Deltora Quest and Lost Song. :)
xXCarryMeAwayXx xXCarryMeAwayXx Nov 28, 2018
bro no keep gallows it's a great word, everybody could use to learn new word :)) also this is a great start