Forgotten Love (STORY ON HOLD)

Forgotten Love (STORY ON HOLD)

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Beautiful By TheLostQueen Updated Aug 13, 2012

This is my book, not to be copied. TheHorrorQueen Inc.

Queen: Hai there. This is my first Love Story SO, do not judge me if this sucks. Remember to Comment and Rate!!!! Love you guys!


RRRRIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! *click* ~yawns~ What time is it? (6:30) GOD DAM IT, I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL! Eh, I'll try again tomorrow.... [Phone Rings playing Justin Bieber Boyfriend] Ughhhh, what now?! Me:What do you want Tiff? Tiffany:Are you coming? Angel:Coming where? Tiffany:School. Angel:No! Tiffany:You got to, James's back! Angel:I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!!!

(At school in English)

"Ugh most boring class ever" -Passes to Tiffany- "Not for me, my most fav class ever" -Passes to Angel- "So where James?" -Passes to Tiffany- "Oh yeah about that..... I lied. :D" -passes to Angel- Angel curses under her breath very mad, she hasnt seen James in a long time, he had to move to California, he said he will be back soon but, soon seems like forever for Angel. RIINNNNGGGGGG "Ok Class pa...

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