I'm Exo's new maknae!?

I'm Exo's new maknae!?

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Park_BinChan By Park_BinChan Updated May 13, 2016

It is all about a simple highschool girl who has a capability to be a korean artist. She has the looks and the skills but not the wealth. She and her mother only live in a small house in Busan. One day, her eonnie left them like her father does leaving them countless of debts to pay. Park Yoon Mi move to Seoul to get a job and to send money to her eomma that stays in Busan. She does many partime jobs to have enough money to pay for her apartment. One day her friend and her co-worker in a cafe advices her to audition to become a korean artist because he notices her skills in dancing and singing. At first she doesn't want to, but when she heard that she will get a lot of money from it, she gladly accepts it right away.

What will be her fate when she finds out that she has to work with a playboy, a troll, a snob, a cold guy, a wushu expert, a mature one, a cute guy, a bully, a noisy guy, a quiet type, a pervert and a wierd guy? Will she be able to work peacefully with them? Find out by reading this fanfic:) I'm Exo's new maknae!?

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ZiChae ZiChae Jan 31
Baka-cow 😂 ate,Filipina ka Ba po ? (Kabalo ka mag-cenibuano or mag binisaya?)
IaraCarolRosa IaraCarolRosa Aug 28, 2017
In my country it's vaca but if you're from the North they change the v's with  b's so it sounds like baca
Park_BinChan Park_BinChan Mar 13, 2017
Lol I didn't know that there's a lot of countries having a word 'baka' means cow. I'm from Philippines though :3
SimplyAMonster SimplyAMonster Aug 17, 2016
I read the description and it's takes at least 1 million dollars to train. But let's just ignore that fact 😅
anothercrazyalien anothercrazyalien Jun 23, 2016
It sounds like the cow in my country, but it's spelled vaca however, people from north say the v's like b's and it sounds like Baca or baka
Hoodie034 Hoodie034 Jun 23, 2015
Your filipino? Wait what?! Your a bisaya?! Omygash!! Gigutom raba pud ko xd