My Vampire Mate

My Vampire Mate

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Long ago, me, Juliette,  dreamt to have a wonderful life, but now I see that there is no hope. Born human in a werewolf family is a crime.

 In my village, where I live, there is a Royal Family of two sons, one is human, Mitch, and the other one is a vampire, Andrew.

Mitch is completely different from his brother, he is a womaniser.
My sisters are crazy about him, but honestly, I don't know what girls find special about the prince.

One thing is weird about Andrew, nobody ever saw his face because he always hides himself under a black hood, some says it's because he is ugly, other says because he is ashamed of what he is. Girls despise and fear him because of what he is, the second prince never attends balls and passes all his day in his room and waits for the night to come so he can go out for hunting and kill whoever comes across his path.

But I did come across his path, ignorant that from the moment I had stepped on it, I would never leave him.

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AllisonWu9 AllisonWu9 Aug 10, 2016
abductee abductee Jun 15, 2016
Your stories never fail to entertain me. I'm am always cured from my bored state. Thank you.
rebeltheme rebeltheme Jul 28, 2016
Just realized the cover is from a book wrote by Eloisa James something like that about  a tower ,like Rapunzel
curlyheadedrere curlyheadedrere Oct 08, 2016
This story is so awesome it made me cry a little 😭😢 you are a good author
fantabulous_107 fantabulous_107 Mar 08, 2016
Well thts a dead ringer of being something other than human.🙄😒
Elizaema Elizaema Dec 21, 2014
@chicagochristian2 ohh yeah. I didn't know in the English language you use quotations marks. In the French language u use those little dashes but yeah I need to edit this story :)