The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me (editing)

The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me (editing)

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Hey guys! So I decided to edit this book AGAIN. It was my first time writing this and HEY, I'm sorry for all the poor grammar.

I'm just warning you, this is probably such a crappy book! 


Heather Maddison is the most popular, prettiest, and richest girl in Union High School. Boys like her and girls want to be like her. She may be rich, popular, and pretty, but she also got brains. Enter- Aiden Knight. A cocky and arrogant player who also seems to be a smart bad boy. Yes you heard it, SMART. He has a dark secret which involves Heather. Follow Aiden and Heather's journey through a crazy roller-coaster ride.

  • badboy
  • crush
  • goodgirl
  • mystery
  • sweet
SavageK6 SavageK6 Jun 01, 2017
I don't really wear makeup. I only wear mascara occasionally to public places or none at all. Or like on special occasions, I would wear a little foundation and maybe eyeshadow with mascara and lipgloss. That's about it
jessiejessicajessie jessiejessicajessie Jul 03, 2017
I just wear mascara because I literally have the smallest eyelashes in the world. And sometime concealer if I stay up too late
HoneyAndBumblebee HoneyAndBumblebee Aug 02, 2017
When you're allergic to cosmetics.
                              Forever ugly and naked-faced.
crybaby_23 crybaby_23 Mar 03, 2017
I clicked it because it had the name Heather in u know
                              Heather Chandler
                              Heather Duke
                              Heather macnamara 
                              Heathers anyone
LauraS44 LauraS44 Mar 28, 2016
Not being mean or anything but so far it's like a list. Like: I did this. I did that. I did this. I did this. Then I did that. You know what I mean? It's a common thing but it just annoys me, try putting a bit more detail in it. I'm sure it'll get heaps better later ☺️😊
candylover1005 candylover1005 Apr 11, 2016
I swear, every fanfic I read the hot dude is named Aiden or blake. Seriously.