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R.B.Khan By RBKhan93 Updated Oct 12, 2018

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Note: These are excerpts from my personal diary. They are fragments of my thoughts and experiences. Most of them are not edited, so please pardon the punctuation and grammatical errors.  

Have you ever heard of people talking to strangers? 
Telling them things? 
Sharing secrets with them? 
I know it happens because it has. To me. 
People I have never seen before; people I don't even know the names of - sitting or standing next to me and pouring out their deepest and most intimate thoughts, feelings and problems. 
Because sometimes you don't need to just say it. 
Sometimes to need someone to listen to it. 
And this anonymity factor with strangers makes it easier. Makes you feel less vulnerable, knowing that the other person doesn't know who you are and what you do. Won't judge you. Won't even remember you or anything you say. 
Perfect isn't it! 

Sometimes you feel the need to scream where no one can hear you. 
And sometimes you feel the need to whisper where there is someone who can. 

This is where this blog comes in. 
Now I do the screaming part as well. Where do I do it? Well, it's a little secret! 
And for the whisper part, we live in the 21st century. So what better way than sharing on the Internet. So many listeners!