Revenge and Retribution [BXB]

Revenge and Retribution [BXB]

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"I don't hate you." he said, pausing for a moment to look directly into the eyes of the man who destroyed his life, destroyed his family, destroyed everything. "I fucking loathe you."

Anyone who knows Liam Barrett would describe him as a "troubled kid"; always instigating fights and being stubborn in his own self-image. To others it seemed as if the only thing Liam cared about was his own enjoyment - his twisted obsession with amusing his own boredom. But what they didn't know was that it wasn't just his own boredom he was distracting, but also his grief.

The cruel abuse from his school peers and the sudden death of his parents at a young age had hardened him for the worst. The feeling of abandonment from the rest of his living family had taken a toll and he was moved into a foster home. From then on, he could only go south, getting involved in activities not acceptable in the eyes of the law, and eventually getting expelled from the one place he had felt accepted.
In an impulse decision he decided to go back to the place where he lost everything, the place that made him become nothing, the place where he met the one and only Charlie Bradley.

And he was out for revenge.

[Contains mature content and topics - also has heavy themes of LGBT and issues revolving around such theme, such as homophobia, etc. and sexually explicit material]