Charming Villainess

Charming Villainess

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Dying a stupid death, Summer Millers a model on the height of her career and popularity woke up in a body of a haughty spoiled girl that was pampered to no end by her ikemen father... 

What's more when she found out that the arrogant ojosama she reincarnated as, was a  villainess character in a otome game she played in her past life. 

Will she be able to live her life peacefully?  

With the possessive yandere

Mischievous bad boy

Annoying childish Twins 

And two faced heroine

That seems unlikely.... 

 I just like otome game novels so I decided to follow the trend and write one too ∩__∩

And BTW all the images used are not mine and belongs to their respective owners..

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