Her Coldhearted Husband

Her Coldhearted Husband

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He is a bussinessman who is known for his coldness, straightforwardness and ruthlessness in the bussiness world . what will happen when he marry a young innocent girl to protect her . 

 PARISHAY KHAN ( age 18 )
a young innocent girl , who  hasnt faced the world . what happen when she has to live with a coldhearted stranger . 


Aamir looked towards usama, and saw him on the flour .he was shot in the chest area .the shot which was meant for aamir . 

"Usama!" Aamir ran towards him and knelt down beside him . 

"Aa.. amir listen" usama stuttered 

"Usama, nothing will happen to you . Just keep your eyes open " aamir said while calling for help . 

Usama shooked his head ,"lis-ten ... my sis-ter .if some-thing ha..happens to me ....take care of her ."

Aamir knew that usama had a sister , but no other relatives . 
"Give- her your name ..... she -wont be able ... to face the world al-one" usama said while holding aamir's hand . 

Aamir looked at him questioningly , he knew that usama's sister was young , but he didnt think she wont be able to face the world . 

" you - will understand , after meeting her" usama said and aamir promised to always be there for her .

( Assalam ualaikum! Hope that you will like this story)

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Walekumaslaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu 
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                              Amazing story dear...
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I liked the concept... U always come up with something new..update next part soon
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I really loved the way you right your every story....God bless you with more talent...
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