Virus: The Infected

Virus: The Infected

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❝If Everything Around You Changes Would You Stay The Same?❞

Sarah and Tyler was just another survivor when almost everyone in our oh so peaceful planet was infected with an unknown virus that turned humans against each other. The infected turned other uninfected human beings into their food to survive. The humans had no other choice than killing them to survive because only a bite is what it takes to takes for you to turn into one of them.

Sarah and Tyler being best friends made them a really great team, they did whatever they needed to survive just like every other survivor even if it comes to taking the life of another human being. However, there are too much to them than they let on, too many dark secrets, too many lies, too many demons buried beneath the strong and badass facade.

One stupid mistake made by Sarah put them in a situation where they had to be saved. That day they met a family of a survivor that made them believe in humanity again. Sarah slowly started growing fond of them and began opening up about her bad past. 

Day by day, they found new survivors who were in need and helped them but in all that distraction they forgot one thing - The Infected. They emerged, they grew stronger than humans and they were coming but nobody knows nor had the power to beat them. 

❝I LOVE IT!! The way you write is amazing, such as the use of your similes and description. You also used a lot of suspense throughout the chapter which made me keep reading and that's what I loved most about it❞ from @SweetChildO_A_R.