My Sanity

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PunkRockLuvr By PunkRockLuvr Updated 2 years ago
Ever considered suicide? Just leave all the everything in your life behind and end it all? Well, I have, twice. 
    Zeriella Ceylontera is a quiet, mysterious girl, depressed for reasons that she doesn't like talking about. She's been having trouble trusting anyone ever since that wretched night, and the walls she built around herself make it impossible for anyone to enter her life. But when he walks into her life she finds her walls crumbling down around her and there's nothing she can do to stop it.
it really good @PunkRockLuvr  it sounds like that this real life and very good details. love your work <3
This is absolutely amazing, great opening, and wonderful plot
The opening paragraph is really good - especially the first sentence, which really caught my attention. It's a strong way to start.
                                    I liked the way you described her family as well, giving us snippets of information about each. The names are really great too.
Omg, I can relate to this. I mean, I have thought of doing such. And I've been there. Keep it up! Very great job! The introduction was flawless.
I have to admit that I like the idea, but sometimes you explain too much and the language becomes to much "conversation-ish". Trust your readers! And don't do "(...)"'s.
                                    Either way, good job!
That's really sad. This was really well written and a great first chapter. It really makes you want to read the second one! Nice job