The Fifth

The Fifth

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Ashley Parker By ArtemisPhoebeParker Updated a day ago

I used to think that I was something bad. Maybe an experiment gone wrong, or maybe I had a curse. Because I was different.

I had powers. Useless powers, but powers nonetheless. I could mess with nature. That was the only thing anyone could ever want from me, so I hid it. And I was ready to hide my powers for the rest of my purposeless life, until they came along.

They robbed the rich in my town, caused havoc at night, and the list of nuisances they caused, goes on. But what no one else noticed, was that they had powers. They were like me in that. And this made me want to be with them. They were the Mysterious Four, and I wanted to be the fifth.

And little did I know, that was exactly what they came here for.

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This sentence structure and the narration is witty and kind of sinister. I like that! 👍 Keep it up
The description you've got is absolutely captivating and this prologue is awesome! I'm looking forward to your next update :) 
                              Keep up the great work!
WOW! really LOVE this chapter, really interesting and I’m already excited for the next chapter 😁😁❤️❤️