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Percy Jackson and the Avengers : Worlds Collide

Percy Jackson and the Avengers : Worlds Collide

151K Reads 5.8K Votes 31 Part Story
BK201 By B-K-201 Completed

Percy Jackson has had a feeling for a while. He knows something terrible is going to happen. Will he and his team of seven be able to team up with the avengers to stop Kronos coming back? Will they survive the threat of two different enemies teaming up??

yourlandlord yourlandlord Aug 25, 2016
                              don't hate me it's a leafyishere and pyrocynical reference
WEE-OOO WEE-OOO WEE-OOO! Sorry. Autocorrect squad coming through. *Approaches book and uses magical autocorrect powers to fix it*. My work here is done.
HibaZahid HibaZahid Sep 10, 2016
impossible!! They fought armies and are afraid of a flag guy and spider man
Ramrhein Ramrhein Feb 21
You are a spider so scaring a daughter of Athena isn't the smartest  thing to do
Goddess_of_the_Seas Goddess_of_the_Seas Nov 25, 2016
Correction : a lethal pen and a watch that can turn into a shield
That_Dam_Demigod132 That_Dam_Demigod132 Dec 30, 2016
Am I the only one who goes to sleep at 1 am or after and has no problem waking up at 6 ;-; I don't even ask for more time to sleep and don't take naps.