Sickness (Laughing Jack x Reader)

Sickness (Laughing Jack x Reader)

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"(Y/N), please sit down," your doctor has said to you when you entered the office, her voice filled with concern.

You sat down in one of the soft chairs in front of his desk. You noticed her I tone and was worried. You started to mess with the hem of your shirt, wondering what he would say. You had come into her office for some pain you felt in your chest and your chest had started getting some sort of rash on it. It was red and scaly, and it looked like the skin of an orange.

"There's no easy way to put this, (Y/N), so I'm afraid I'll have to be blunt about it."

You looked her in the eyes as she said, "You have breast cancer."

You felt dizzy, like you were going to pass out. You looked down at your (f/c) shoes and thought, Breast cancer? How?

"You're probably thinking 'How did I get this? How bad is it? How long have I had it?' I'll answer any questions you have to the best of my ability and recommend you to a specialist."

You continued to look down, tears in your eyes. You aske...

universewolf universewolf Feb 28, 2016
Im scared and I'm 14 and I'm scared that one day I might get that
TheHumanExperiment1 TheHumanExperiment1 Aug 01, 2016
It runs so badly in my family, any type of cancer, that it's almost positive I'll get it 😔
BeYourself__x BeYourself__x Mar 23, 2016
                              THATS ONE OF MY BIGGEST FEARS
                              KILL ME
Bill_Cipher66678 Bill_Cipher66678 Mar 10, 2016
O-O breast cancer.......fricking hell ima die all over again
XAmiTheAlienX XAmiTheAlienX May 14, 2016
Hoe can i get breast cancer if i barr have any breast ¬u¬ lol
bridgie212 bridgie212 Aug 05, 2015
Well then......... You know if I was a doctor I would have said," you know you are sick right? Well you aren't... Your breast are... An they have cancer..." Not that I have breast cancer -3- damn doctors always blaming the human body