Falling For My Best Friend

Falling For My Best Friend

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Kayjah Dotson By KayjahDotson Completed

Kali Davidson is slowly but surely falling for her best friend, Ryder.

He's cute, smart, tough and his bad boy don't care attitude gets Kali "Goody Two Shoes" Davidson to fall head over heels.

I mean good girls fall for bad boys all the time, right?

Well with his tousled jet black hair, crystal blue eyes, deep dimples, toned body and tan skin he can swoon any girl. 

They've been best friends for as long as Kali can remember. They bond like best friends, argue like a married couple and pick on each other like brother and sister.

Does Kali really want to break this amazing friendship over a little crush?

Although the crush isn't so little anymore and calling him a crush would be an understatement.

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TaraFalzon TaraFalzon Nov 20, 2016
love dimples too gurl! best friends do not do that haha. why cant he be my bestie *crying*
justmine_luver_143_ justmine_luver_143_ Jul 07, 2016
Wow the fans' comments makes me excited because I honestly chose this book at random haha
NouranMohammed98 NouranMohammed98 Sep 08, 2016
That's not a thing best friends would do. It's couples thing😂
malaynin malaynin Jul 01, 2016
thats funny, i just wrote something about COD in my book today😂