Going Through Changes

Going Through Changes

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rain man By psychomoe Updated Dec 13, 2018

"Thats the fucking problem, Dre. She's helpin with advertising for the new album, an' she said she don' date clients, but we went out the other night. We fucked, and there's something 'bout her man. She's classier than all of the bitches I've dated. She smart, funny, sexy as hell, but I barely know shit 'bout her" 

"Well what happened after you fucked?" Dre asked. 

I sighed. "I made her stay with me and I felt different. I felt relaxed. I felt like life was great. I felt like I was whole. But, in the mornin' she explained that we should just fuck around an' I made that suggestion the night before, but I didn' mean it. At least, now I know I didn' mean it" 

"Damn, Marshall. Well she seems pretty set on the fact that she sticks to her business and strictly doesn't mix her personal life and her professional one. Yet, it's weird that she'd just have sex with you and would want to continue to. Maybe she just wants bragging rights" 

"Dre, I don' think she's like that. At least I hope she fucking ain't." I said.