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Updated: 4/5/2019

A sneak peak from the Prologue:

He stopped his car when he saw a lady lying unconscious on the road. He immediately got out of his car. He gasped when he saw pool of blood on the road. He quickly went towards her and turned her. He patted her cheeks .

"Ma'am? " He called her, hoping that she is conscious, but his attempts failed. He immediately picked her up in his arms and made her lie on the back seat of his car. He had to cover her forehead with a cloth to stop her from bleeding too much. He looked at the Devi Maiyya's chunni which was tied to his car's front mirror. He thanked his Di for tying this to his car even after his numerous pleading to not tie. He didn't know it will help him like this. He tied that on her forehead. 

"It's better to call the doctor to home, it will take me an hour to go to the hospital from here" he thought. 


"Chotte, who is she? "

"She looks rich" Mami said, looking at her Saree. 

"And married" Nani said. His heart broke when he heard of her marital status. 


Who is this lady? What happened to her? Will he be able to save her life? Will he be able to stop falling for her even after knowing that she is married?  What's the secret of her life? To know more,  peep in.

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