An Indie Musician's Diary (Vol 2)

An Indie Musician's Diary (Vol 2)

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Elisabeth Kitzing By ElisabethKitzing Updated 3 days ago

My story from October 2018 and one year ahead. Both volume 1 and 2 are for:
1. my community of supporters that keep me going. (THANK YOU!) who wonder "Why is it taking so long to get an album done?" I continue to explain just how complicated  music creation/mixing/etc is and how many other things an indie musician has to think about in order to get their music "out there" in a professional way. And in Vol 2 I continue with that
2. For indie musicians and producers who are just getting started making their music and would like to follow someone else's endeavours in the same area. 

This is the continuation of the process of creating my debut album, Change My Mind. In Volume 1, you got to follow my path from when I was about to go to my adult life's first audition in Nashville to the point of learning the tools of the trade in order to transform the demo album into a commercial one. After 100 written (not all yet published) chapters, the book started to be difficult to navigate so I started Volume 2. (one book for each year!)

In this ebook, I share the continuation of my up and down experience in the creative process, and share links to great content that help me understand my craft and that provide inspiration for other indie musicians. 

We start off where Vol.1 stopped:
By October 5th, 2018, I  had  only two songs approved for mastering my a studio in Australia with 10 to go. At the time I was waiting for some final changes to the song Just How Good from Sonic Media (according to the mastering studio's specifications and my own requests) and I was  continuing work on the song The Vine, adjusting delay and automation levels. 
I wanted to release the album in February of 2019 but life happens. Follow me and see the creative music making process in detail. It's my diary.