Dont Be a Bully (A Mindless Behavior Story)

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GreenSaphire By GreenSaphire Updated 6 months ago
This story is about a boy and girl having internal conflict with themselves and external conflict with each other. Nicole has always been the popular. cute and sometimes nerdy shy girl that everyone loves Especially Craig (Prodigy). Nicole wonders Why Craig changed on her and constantly dazes out thinking about what happened what could have been should have been and would have been. Craig on the other hand is Furious and wants to hurt Nicole and Always after doing so regrets it its killing him inside because of what he does to her and how it affects her. But deep down hes just hurt because of what Nicole did to him ...And Nicole Doesnt even have a clue....  So the two continue to despise each other yet for some reasons secretly still love each other and Not Even know it.
I understand u nicole I do that to I tease boys and make them beg for me
This was sad. Nicole is bullied :( I wanna see what happens in the next chapter, so update more.