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Azula's Servant (Zuko x reader)

Azula's Servant (Zuko x reader)

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quietstories By quietstories Updated Nov 01, 2016

Azula needs not only to capture the Avatar but her brother as well. She decided a dual bending servant like you can aid her in this task, but soon discovered you were more of a threat she could ever imagine.

Follow in this adventure of destiny, honor, trust, and original twists never seen in the show itself.

Aleksandra Bogdanova.
                              Aleksandra = Defender of Mankind.
                              Bogdanova = Sent by Gods.
                              I'm basically the next Avatar bitches
When TyLee said you're one of us now,
                              I sorta put my hand up like Zuko would when he says 'honor' and I said sorta yelling "I'm important!" XD
PhantomJeggings PhantomJeggings Dec 03, 2016
Jean Rose (something else cause I am not putting my last name out there)? No dip.
RoseMGottschalk RoseMGottschalk Oct 30, 2016
Rose M. Gottschalk?
                              Is it because I'm black?
                              Mai: Your not even black...
                              My soul is bish.
PhantomJeggings PhantomJeggings Dec 03, 2016
                              WOW AM I STUPID
                              YA' GONNA DIE MATE NOTHING'S GONNA STOP THAT
KayAbdallah KayAbdallah Jun 08, 2016
Heats flamesman doesnt sound like a name used here? Darn.. *awaits anybody who understood my reference*