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Azula's Servant (Zuko x reader)

Azula's Servant (Zuko x reader)

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quietstories By quietstories Updated Nov 01, 2016

Azula needs not only to capture the Avatar but her brother as well. She decided a dual bending servant like you can aid her in this task, but soon discovered you were more of a threat she could ever imagine.

Follow in this adventure of destiny, honor, trust, and original twists never seen in the show itself.

My first name means peace, my middle name is a type of flower and my last name is Goodman. Idk if that'd be a common fire bastion name.
Mylittleloser Mylittleloser 5 days ago
Adrienne is a name that was named after the Adriatic Sea, it means "Dark and Rich" Which I am both "Not really rich tho" So, it depends since I'm technically named after a sea.
Whats-a-bat Whats-a-bat Jul 01
Mizu is water in Japanese so yeah I'm pretty sure it's not a fire nation name
I don't know the meaning of Hiromi. I just use it because it sounds pretty! :3
Aleksandra Bogdanova.
                              Aleksandra = Defender of Mankind.
                              Bogdanova = Sent by Gods.
                              I'm basically the next Avatar bitches
When TyLee said you're one of us now,
                              I sorta put my hand up like Zuko would when he says 'honor' and I said sorta yelling "I'm important!" XD