The Clockmaker: A Steampunk Novel

The Clockmaker: A Steampunk Novel

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A.M.Anderson By InkHeartCM Updated 6 days ago

Welcome to the world of Steampunk! 

Meet Axel Ferro, an Italian pickpocket living on the streets of London. When he is caught, it seems as though his day can't get any worse. Instead of being carted off to jail or worse, Axel is hired as an assistant to the highly intelligent, but extremely eccentric Detective Conan Hutchingson. 

However, underneath the new success of the growing city of London, lies a strange new villain known only as, the Clockmaker. This villain has put in motion a plot that could mean the end of everything. A plan so complicated it seems impossible to unravel. 

Axel and Hutchingson join forces with the spunky French lady Emeline Cloutier, who is searching for her brother. Together, the trio must cross Europe and track down the elusive Clockmaker in order to prevent the biggest catastrophe from destroying London and the rest of civilization.

Haha! This is actually a smooth way of putting a sneaky crime.
TheHotCakes TheHotCakes May 30
Interesting. It's not everyday  you see a taser umbrella in a steampunk story.
letusfallup letusfallup Feb 19
1. Perhaps hyphen to 'nonetheless' section 
                              2. Perhaps change to 'nonetheless'
                              3. comma or hyphen need after 'less'
letusfallup letusfallup Feb 19
I am 10000% imagining a steam punk world where Sherlock Holmes meets teen Axel from Kingdom Hearts, and I am not in the least saddened by it.
letusfallup letusfallup Feb 19
No comma needed; unless if in some freak and abrupt mix-up they've gone and switched names, that is ;)
letusfallup letusfallup Aug 21, 2016
Gah!! This story hasn't been updated since last year, yet I read the seller's copy and was already fangirling. Why do you do such things to me? This shall go in my library until the day it gets edited, me reading no further than this lovely chapter. Excuse me while I go cry.