Reign of Gears: A Clockmaker Mystery (Book One)

Reign of Gears: A Clockmaker Mystery (Book One)

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A.M.Anderson By InkHeartCM Updated Oct 03

Axel's day goes from terrible to strange when he is hired by the highly intelligent, but eccentric Detective Conan Hutchingson. Before Axel can adjust to his new life, he is thrown into the middle of a complicated mystery. There is a new threat that has been growing underneath the shining streets of London. A villain that is only known as the Clockmaker has put in motion a plot that could mean the very end of everything. 

Axel and Hutchingson join forces with Emeline Cloutier, a young lady who is looking for her missing brother. Together the trio must cross Europe, face down pirates, and evade arrest. The clock is ticking as they get closer to the mystery of the elusive Clockmaker. 

Can they unravel the Clockmaker's plot before London is destroyed?

  • action
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Azurina77 Azurina77 Oct 06
Nice chapter. I can sense an intriguing plot developing through this first chapter. Where is her brother? Also, great taser umbrella! It added a twist ending. Good job!
Haha! This is actually a smooth way of putting a sneaky crime.
TheHotCakes TheHotCakes May 30
Interesting. It's not everyday  you see a taser umbrella in a steampunk story.
RuralWriter RuralWriter Sep 15
I'm noticing a theme of blue and white.  That couldn't be a reference about how nothing moral is black or white?
letusfallup letusfallup Feb 19
1. Perhaps hyphen to 'nonetheless' section 
                              2. Perhaps change to 'nonetheless'
                              3. comma or hyphen need after 'less'
letusfallup letusfallup Feb 19
I am 10000% imagining a steam punk world where Sherlock Holmes meets teen Axel from Kingdom Hearts, and I am not in the least saddened by it.