Adopted By One Direction(UNDER MAJOR EDITING!)

Adopted By One Direction(UNDER MAJOR EDITING!)

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It was a normal day for Alison. That was until she got adopted by a certain boy band named One Direction! Will she be able to live with the hard life of dealing with mean fans and stupid paparazzi or will she just break under all the pressure. Who said having  One Direction for parents was easy? Alison always thought famous people were lucky but now she understands. Stay tuned for Alison's crazy adventure!

I wrote this a long time ago. Read at your own risk!

Credit to: @astoundedstars for the amazing cover!


I'm laughing way too hard because I have one knee high purple and green sock on and one gray and black elite on.
Don't worry I'm sure it will be phenomiNIALL!! 😂 I couldn't help myself!
When you're vegan and you read this part...
I'd be Niall, except I'd flap the pancake, take a bite, flap the pancake, take a bite and when my enemy least expects it,
                               THROW IT AT THEIR FACE
I'm sorry but this is me and my 4 other friends while we were babysitting my friends little sister i was niall and they were the 4 remaining boys i just cant
Alexisj9262001 Alexisj9262001 Feb 08, 2015
I'm sorry but you really need to put quotation marks around the words people are saying. It will make it a lot easier to read!