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Circus Boy (Larry)

Circus Boy (Larry)

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LarryWrites By LarryWrites Completed

"Jesus, this has to be some kind of joke." My father muttered, immediately going to his phone, a frown set on his face.

"What is that?" I asked, peering out the window. I was met with the view of around fifteen caravans parked along the green outside our house.

"What do you mean it's public land? I pay to live in an area where it's calm and peaceful! I don't want these fucking gypsies- No, you listen to me-"

 I could heard my Dad yelling at someone down the phone. My Mum came and stood next to me, sighing when she looked out the window. 

"What is that?" I asked her and she turned to me, her face a picture of distaste. 

"The circus."

Twenty-one year old Louis Tomlinson has just returned home after his second year at University to spend the summer crashing with his parents. He expected things to be relaxing, sunny and calm. 

Then there was the circus, complete with a curly haired circus boy.

This is obviously my own work, and under the copyright act it is protected against being copied by other authors so please, don't copy it.

in rl i actually adore how much lux and harry care for each other, it's so precious
everyone is saying kinky but that's... bestiality and it's gross
"Do we have any balls? Oh how handy!"
                              -Harold Styles during San Siro stadium in 2014
Amnesia2015 Amnesia2015 Feb 19
That's sad and all, but I want to know what trick she did. Damn, I am bad at showing sympathy when I'm sleepy.
wait how would she be in pain if she was paralyzed ??? she wouldn't feel anything
confrema22 confrema22 6 days ago
I'm reading this while waiting for the bus during a slight hurricane, it's freezing and Harry's sunburnt I wish i was him right now