Drifter | (Harry Styles AU) • COMPLETE

Drifter | (Harry Styles AU) • COMPLETE

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Drifter - \ˈdrif-tər\ : A person who moves from place to place. They are but simple wanderers, for whatever reasons they have to be one. Only when they find a reason to stay, will they no longer be a Drifter.  

Her reason was Him

Started: JUNE 2014
Finished: OCT 2014

WARNING: Explicit language, & Sexual scenes will occur in this story.

The cover is Brad simpson from the vamps, I didn't know he's in this book lol
just here to say the cover is brad simpson from the vamps i'm crying lmaooooo
Im more concerned about her backpack like everythings getting soaked? What she gonna do after with all that stuff
I bet the doctor is a fifty year old conservative dusty musty ass mofo