Glee reunion but as Barry Allen

Glee reunion but as Barry Allen

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Gleek327 By Gleek327 Updated Apr 04

There were secrets. Many secrets. 

People thought they knew Barry Allen. Right? I mean we all do. He is so nice and kind. Never hurt a soul. Right?

We have all heard of Sebastian Smythe. I mean of course we have. He's from France, was head of the Warblers, and has a famous lawyer for a dad.

What If I told you they were the same person. A person of many secrets. 

When Barry is greeted by both friends and foes from his past he will fight between what is good and bad. He will feel the pain of his past. But when he feels love from someone he never thought he would. Barry is way happier than he ever was. He makes new friends that were enemies. 

This is the story between good and bad. The love and the hate. And The friends and the enemies. This is Barry Allen's story.

* There is some talk about Sexual assault and Self harm so read at your own risks*
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Hope you like the story!!

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