To Hell and Back (Book 2 of Ouija Board) ON HOLD

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Elizabeth By Elizabeth-Diamandis Updated 3 years ago
Elizabeth is back and angrier than ever. She is on a mission to save Dahvie, the man who exchanged his life for hers. She can't do all this work alone so she gets help from Adam, the angel, and Trish, one of the souls trapped in the Ouija Board. Elizabeth also finds out something is... slightly odd about herself. This is going to be one HELL of a bumpy road for these three.
    Cover made by Raven0884
Well I do like the book but I'm saying that I like the other ending better than the one that they chose. But I now love this book too don't worry lol
I still don't like this book, because this is what would happen from one of the endings; the endin that I hate. I REEAAALLLLYYY perfer the 'Alternative Ending', as you so called it.
I don't know about anyone else but I'm hoping you get a good idea soon and update!(:
OMBOTDF! this story is awesome and I love it! please please update soon :)
well the frist book was amazing and i bet this will be awsome i cant wait to read more. i also have a book out a discovery of witches.
plz update i hav to know how the davhie and elly love story tirns out!! I HAV TO KNOW!!!!!