The Stars That Night Prompts

The Stars That Night Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Jan 07

                Prompt: A prompt about Silas before Ray adopted him


                Nine year old Silas bounced his bouncy ball quietly on his windowsill. If he was too loud with it, one of his parents would take it and throw it out of the window again.

                But he was growing bored and restless in the house. He could smell weed and cigarette smoke, probably coming from the living room.

                He tucked the ball securely in his pocket and left his bedroom. The smell of smoke and weed grew stronger as he went downstairs, and sure enough, his father was lounging on the couch with several beer bottles in front of him.

                "Move out of the way of the fuckin' TV," he said, chucking an empty beer can at Silas's head.

                It hit Silas and bounced to the floor, and Silas slipped out of the way of the TV. An empty can didn't hurt; his father's fists would.

                His mother came out, lightin...