I'm Not Who I Am

I'm Not Who I Am

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Lovefter By Lovefter Updated Jun 25

Hi, I'm Ariel. No scratch that I'm Elanor. Nope pardon me I'm Louise. Just kidding! I'm Alice...or wait, I think I'm Taylor or maybe Jessica. 

Welcome to my world. I don't really know what name I should stick in because I have a hella lot of identities but anyway let's just say that maybe accepting this mission isn't going to do any good when it comes to my feelings, at all.

Enter Jessica, a strong, fearless, brave agent at the young age of seventeen. When she lands on a mission to be the bodyguard of the heir of the Trojan Companies, the top company in the country, she been getting possible heart palpitations which is definitely a bad sign. 

Enter Wade, the gorgeous boy she has ever seen but also has the biggest ego. With the tough and confusing walls (and mood swings) he have, will a strong and courageous girl be able to get through past them? Or is it the other way around? 

A girl who just loves accidents and sarcasm plus a boy who just hates action drama and sarcasm is equal to a total mayhem!

Join their adventure and Find out! =D

*Previously titled Agent Undercover*
#108 in Action 05/25/16

A/N I suck at making descriptions but if ever you accidentally or curiously came across with this book, do give it a try but I'm not forcing y'all to. Thanks xx


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