My Possessive Boss is such a jerk

My Possessive Boss is such a jerk

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Temi By PrincessTemi2 Updated Feb 21, 2017

Rule one- don't mix business with pleasure

Rule two- don't fantasize about insanely hot boss

Rule three- never ever go out with your boss because you know from all those gossip magazines that he is rude and insensitive and when he is done with you, he will dispose of you like a used tissue

Rule four- don't annoy your boss because your life can be ruined with a click of his fingers. Well if I don't tell him who I am


As I walked into my new place of work, I was so excited. I got a job that payed really well and I have everything I could possibly want. Turning to the receptionist, I asked

'Hi, I'm here for my new job'

'Oh, you're Mr. Capello's new assistant' she said smiling


'Well his office is just over......'

'Where the hell is my new assistant. She should have been here thirty five seconds ago'

I turned and my eyes fell on him. My Boss

Those rules were not going to last very long

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vieyochieng vieyochieng Feb 21, 2016
with a boss as hot lyk that,those rules dont appear at all.. luv u from Viey in Kenya
shenel05 shenel05 Jun 23, 2016
At first I thought it said 35 minutes I was like girl you making a bad impression but since he said that I would've take time so I'm a minute late instead
zedinaa zedinaa Jun 08, 2016
I thought 30 minutes , but 30 seconds … Really nigga😳😂
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
There is both tension and suspense. You're a talented writer. Vivid scenes. I felt everything flowed really well.
All4Furious All4Furious Sep 23, 2015
Hello can you check out my story on my page? Every one can lol comment your thoughts as well
angel32808 angel32808 Jul 30, 2015
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