The Awakening (The Legend of Taming Sari Trilogy) -- ON HOLD UNTIL JANUARY 2012

The Awakening (The Legend of Taming Sari Trilogy) -- ON HOLD UNTIL JANUARY 2012

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Nanie MK By NanieMK Updated Apr 24, 2011

Gowing up, Thareef has always felt abandoned by his parents who only cared about work and their high profile social life. All he ever wanted was his parents’ attention. But as usual, he had to be independent and leave home for his first day at varsity; alone. When he met Kamalia and Jad, a handshake with them throws Thareef into the world of legends, magical and super powers; a world much to his disbelief actually existed. 

All of a sudden Thareef and his friends are now the most wanted list of the Mada Labs whose purpose is Destroy the League of Five Warriors’ descent and seize the powerful Legendary Taming Sari. As Thareef and his friends’ races with the Mada Labs in the adventure of their lives, the three of them now must venture to find the remaining heir to the League of Warriors, embrace their destinies and unearth the ultimate power of the Legendary Taming Sari before their world as they know it is engulfed in complete darkness.

The Awakening is the first installment of The Legend of Taming Sari trilogy

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NanieMK NanieMK Apr 26, 2011
@heyhannah92 wow. now that's what I call an honest opinion. thanks for the heads up, though. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments. I'll try and work my way around that once I got the chance ^_^
NanieMK NanieMK Apr 26, 2011
@LoveLife4444 thanks! This is the 3rd cover I've made for this story and since a lot of people liked it, I think it's going to stay XD
LoveLife4444 LoveLife4444 Apr 24, 2011
First I think the cover is pretty awesome and second ur English is fine :)
NanieMK NanieMK Apr 24, 2011
@WickedGleek96 thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it. Hope you will continue your read! XD
MissRaRa MissRaRa Apr 24, 2011
Do you want to know what's weird? I had been reading this, then I went onto the discussion and found your post and then I came straight back to this! this is really great and different and I love you cover!
bexlovescandy bexlovescandy Apr 24, 2011
I think your English is fantastic on it so don't worry :) This is a great start, I'm going to read some more :)