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Irina By striped_tuna Updated a year ago
If you are in doubt what to read out of a billion or so books on Wattpad, or want to listen to somebody else's opinion before you start reading - you are welcome to check out the books I loved so much that I could not keep my mouth shut :)
    And don't you worry, I try not to retell anything and not to give any spoilers! :)
I was going to say something similar. For not being your native language, you speak (write) it very well! Kudos to you!!
XD English may not be your native language but you speak it better than most Wattpad users..
How did you get so many reads?! Wow! And this was really useful, thank you x
Hey Just a suggestion but You should check out the book him and me. It isn't finished yet but is soo good!! @striped_tuna
i've read it! now that you've mentioned it... should i read it again?
                                    hehe lol
Hey i have a doubt though... Does this story have a happy ever after???