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Irina By striped_tuna Updated Oct 27, 2015

Hi there :)

I'm a fast and eager reader, and I'm so happy that some day ago my phone offered me a new app called Wattpad.... so here goes my night sleep :) Sometimes when I get to read a good book I become so excited, I can't help talking and talking and talking and talking about the book :) So bear with me, I'm going to share my humble opinion with you guys, who happened to come across this piece of writing :)

Before anyone says anything I want to assure you that I'm very well aware that I'm not the first and hopefully not the last person here to do such things, but I'm never stealing anybody's ideas even if I happen to give my opinion on the book somebody has already reviewed, I always rely on my own brain capacity and it usually works for me.

So here is how it's going to be done:

1. All the books I mention here can be found in my reading list called "Enjoyed" (captain obvious? LOL);

2. I will be talking about completed stories (with a couple of exceptions, probably);

3. I'm no...

Linna1029 Linna1029 Aug 26, 2014
I was going to say something similar. For not being your native language, you speak (write) it very well! Kudos to you!!
striped_tuna striped_tuna Aug 10, 2013
@JazzlynGreene can't thank you enough for your kind comment :) you're officially my favourite wattpadder today :)
JazzlynGreene JazzlynGreene Aug 09, 2013
XD English may not be your native language but you speak it better than most Wattpad users..
striped_tuna striped_tuna Jul 04, 2013
@Annafane must be some kind of a glitch Wattpad's been up to lately... let's hope it'll be sorted out soon, as there's no information from jules130 concerning removing/publishing the story
striped_tuna striped_tuna Jun 06, 2013
@romailoveyou glad you find it useful :) as for the reads... you know, I've been around for a while. If you keep the updates coming, you will get your fair share of reads pretty soon, I'm sure. And you can count on me, I'm going to follow your story, I liked it :)
iwantthecliche iwantthecliche Jun 06, 2013
How did you get so many reads?! Wow! And this was really useful, thank you x