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The Curse Of Artemis (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [COMPLETED]

The Curse Of Artemis (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [COMPLETED]

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Hunter Genevieve Tyler By hunter-g-tyler Completed

Adara Artedon doesn't belong in any world - not the gods', not the humans', and not the demigods'. But that's expected when she's the daughter of not only the all-powerful Poseidon, but the 'maiden' Artemis, too. To top it off, she doesn't even get the mercy of being a goddess. She's somehow still mortal - after all, gods don't have DNA.
     So she travels the world, staying in each place for only a few days and hunting. But she's okay with it; she's found a home with in the wilderness, if it can be called a home when she has no permanent lodgings. But her peaceful life ends  when she stumbles across Long Island, and discovers Camp Half-blood, the demigod camp. There, she feels strangely at home, but she doesn't get long to enjoy it.
     Because Artemis' curse is coming into play, and Adara has a choice; spending her last few days in comfort, or revoking the curse.      
     But it's hardly a choice at all, because it's all or nothing, life or death.

BFzamora BFzamora Apr 19
Out needs to be changed to put, and has needs to be changed to had.
The last sentence would flow more nicely and make more sense if it said: 'You dare try to enchant myself and my daughter?!' Because the manager didn't enchant them, but he tried to. Make sense?
AnnaLove02 AnnaLove02 Jun 25, 2014
You know, no offense, but Artemis is really the only "god" that doesn't have children. So technically, she can't exist. Lots of people even refer to her as "The virgin goddess" 
                              But no offense, I don't mean to be annoying.