The Space Roads [SciFi Oneshots]

The Space Roads [SciFi Oneshots]

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Holly Heisey By HollyHeisey Updated Nov 07, 2018

Ever want to explore interstellar space? 

In these oneshot stories, you're the main character. You're the one who's just discovered a new world, or running from monsters on a derelict warship. You're the one who's feeling the wind of an alien planet on your face, or negotiating a con with an alien crime boss in a crowded station thoroughfare. 

I'll always leave names, gender, and age open. So live through these stories. Explore the vast unknown!

I hope you have fun!

This is a happy ongoing project, and I'll update as the whim hits. Please add to your library to get the latest updates!

  • adventure
  • aliens
  • battle
  • exploration
  • horror
  • interstellar
  • lgbt
  • nonbinary
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davidmulera davidmulera Oct 07, 2018
Your writing was quite superb, as my point of view. I loved the way you were able to bring the reader into the world and to see what was actually there. I really enjoyed the story, and I hope to experience more of it.
Sixfoottwo Sixfoottwo Oct 05, 2018
You want me to see myself as the main character in the story.Write it like an autobiography. Everywhere you  say "YOU" change it  to say "I" or "me". Then as  I read the story I am the main character. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
Sixfoottwo Sixfoottwo Oct 02, 2018
I noticed something unusual and I was wondering if it was intentional and if yes then why? The main character of the story is never identified as male female or cyborg. Not a problem, just wondering.