My Possessive Criminal

My Possessive Criminal

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❝He was the scary story parents read to their kids. And she fell in love with a monster.❞

Xanthe Jacox is a sarcastic, fierce and down to earth eighteen-year-old. Did I mention sarcastic? 

She's that one girl who would probably be the first to get killed in a horror movie just for shouting 'hello?' to absolutely nothing, so God knows what'll happen if she gets kidnapped. 

Which she does. By Alaska's most wanted outlaw and famous gang leader. 

Enter Arsen Reed; dangerous, dark and cold-hearted. No one knows why he's like that, or how he's like that. But once he lays eyes on Xanthe, everyone knows she belongs to him.

But Arsen hides a lot of secrets, and Xanthe has a fair share of her own, too. 

Despite the thin line between love, hate, goofy guys and lovesick gangsters, things for Arsen, Xanthe and the rest of the group are not looking up. 

That's what happens when you turn into a criminal.

So walk through this story with me, filled with drama, crazy idiots, murder, many - confusing - plots and, most important of all, reckless love. 

❝Pretty little words covered your dark and crooked heart. With a forked tongue, I fell in love, then I fell apart. You are so cold-hearted.❞


Buckle up, kids. This is going to be a nasty ride.

WARNING: Has swearing, you'll think it's cliche but just trust me, may mention a bit of rape but DOES NOT get into detail (cuz I'm young too, you know), and it's completely weird. Read at your own risk.

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