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J e n By Crazenation Updated Oct 25, 2014

“This was for me?” I whisper looking around the candle lit room.

“Only you. This will always be yours. All of me".

 * This book contains sex, swearing, humour and a whole lot of unrequited, misguided love. 

ALL ©Copyrights to @crazenation 2014

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HESthetically HESthetically Jun 15, 2016
Im laughing at Harry. Damn Harold, ya need to be good to this girl she ain't doing anything to ya.
sommersprossem sommersprossem Feb 05, 2016
I'm already glad I found it rn, even if it's a year old and I only read the prologue yet. I'm so excited!
HHazelll HHazelll May 26, 2015
guys vote for this chapter if you think harry is the sweetest cupcake on earth
Buttmeat Buttmeat Jan 07, 2015
I'm already dieing because of excitement... well not that kind of excitement you know, excitement not *whispers* excitement excitement. 
marinaxthebottlemen marinaxthebottlemen Jan 05, 2015
Literally me like what if they had ketchup with their dinner? What if they didn't wash their hands? I'm shuddering
RoseBudsandthorns RoseBudsandthorns Jul 31, 2014
...I'm already in love with this; the trailer sold it for me. I'm obsessed with it it's amazing!