Dating Harry [BoyxBoy]

Dating Harry [BoyxBoy]

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Contains men to men relationship.

A lot of people has been asking what's it like to date someone like Harry Thompson? Edward Harrison will find out when he is asked by his lover to go on a date to the amusement park. With the help of Earl and Matthias, and some random website he found, Harry will embark in a journey that will surely torment Edward for the rest of his life. 

It's just a date, what could go wrong, right?

[The Nerd and I sequel story of Harry and Edward.]

I laughed so hard here 
                              (still laughing)
                              Harry is funny, nothing can save him anymore
Mangoberrylicious, strawberrypetalshake, peachylemonsquare, wtf!!
100degreeschelsius 100degreeschelsius Aug 23, 2016
See, your idiotic macho facade you keep up is the reason harry is so worked up because he thinks you're going to leave him you massive dicknugget
ZachPezzo ZachPezzo Aug 25, 2016
Everybody is watching [him], but [he's] looking at youuuu you yoouoo
wickedsmile wickedsmile May 11, 2016
harry is so lovable, cant forget that scene when he went to italy.
blxmeee blxmeee Nov 26, 2016
When i was little i thought my boobs would never grow so i put tissue in them