In The Sight of These Hills (Dolan Twins)

In The Sight of These Hills (Dolan Twins)

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QuinnEleanor By QuinnEleanor Updated Dec 24, 2018


They hadn't meant to be there that night in the woods. They were just getting some revenge, tired of being bullied. They deserved that much. 

But things never seemed to go that way for Ethan and Grayson. 

From the dark cluster of thick oak trees, the twins only had a moment to see the pair of inhuman amber eyes, the color of hot, terrifying honey, and a pair of teeth, impossibly razor sharp.

And then Grayson was on the crushed fall leaves of the forest floor, the beast on him, all thick black fur, all horrific animal instinct, and it was tearing into him, and Ethan was screaming because, 'Oh, God, this can't be happening.' 

Or the one in which a sixteen-year-old Grayson get savagely attacked, and turned, by a werewolf and Ethan is forced to deal with the terrifying and emotional aftermath.  

Based on the 2000 cult horror classic Ginger Snaps.

Started: October 2, 2018

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xkeepthatdream xkeepthatdream Oct 23, 2018
I actually feel bad for Gray, but Ethan's reaction is so cute
Missreadalotoffanfic Missreadalotoffanfic Oct 25, 2018
Wow ... THIS IS REALLY FRIGGIN GOOD ! I’m already in love with the prologue wtf!!!!
dolandipity dolandipity Oct 02, 2018
Oh my gosh wow I've only read two paragraphs  and this is like so good 
                              The imagery, your words,ugh flipping everything is great 
                              Good job